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Roll Out

• Roll out term is normally used when an implemented solution at one place is further implemented at different location of the company group , usually on the same instance .

• The roll-outs will include overall project planning, template creation and project execution. In the planning phase, we mutually agree on and specify a joint project organization to facilitate implementation at each of the client’s site.

• The roll-out is scheduled in accordance to the company’s general requirement. The available resources with the client are taken into account and gaps are filled with appropriate consultancy expertise. Gap analysis, change requests etc are taken into consideration to check for deviations from the template.

• Support is scheduled right from the beginning of the project. In the template creation phase, we configure a reproducible model which contains the template transactions, functions, programs and customized settings. The Business Process Master List lists all the template transactions and functions and key documents for all phases of the project (gap analysis, integration test and handover) to support team.


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