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• Migrating an SAP database and application environment, along with the associated system software and unbundled products, is one of the most demanding tasks an IT team can encounter. 

• There are two types of migration: homogeneous and heterogeneous. A homogeneous migration is a migration from one platform and database architecture to the same platform and database. This article focuses on the more challenging type of migration — heterogeneous. This type of migration consists of moving from a non-Oracle platform to an Oracle Sun environment, or from one database architecture to a different database architecture, or both at the same time. In describing the details involved with performing a heterogeneous migration.

• In the migration process data is exported from the source system, which is left untouched, and then transferred to the target Oracle Sun system. Since the migration freezes the source system in its original state, access to SAP applications can be restored using the source system if for some reason a problem is encountered during the migration process. In this way, the source system acts as a safety net in the event that application access cannot be properly validated on the target system.


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